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.CO Domain Names Using Digital Advertising
Why We Dumped Our .Com's For A .Co Domain Portfolio

By: Empire Builders


Empire Builders of Wisconsin is known for secure DNSSEC global manufacturing product -to-market and e-commerce .co domain name strategies that dominate.

American retailers of all sizes that sell U.S. manufactured products globally need long-range solutions to the global e-commerce explosion.

Global e-commerce websites that sell specific products are shifting to keyword- specific DNSSEC dot co manufacturing domain names. 

Our simple model of using DNSSEC secure dot co global product keyword domain names and digital marketing makes it difficult for even well-capitalized global companies to compete without shifting to the Empire Builders model.

It's important for domain buyers to reach out to experts like Empire Builders who have proven models that dominate mobile and desktop search for globally manufactured products. 

As internet search becomes even more influenced by a.i. algorithms,  DNSSEC secure domain names, Ecommerce website that aren't voice-command and keyword friendly will be irrelevant.

China's push is to takeover fifty percent of global e-commerce in the next three years is impressive and no joke.  Many global industries are capitalizing on keyword online sales data that demonstrates how global consumers initiate product  and service consumption.

China along with other Pacific Rim Partners use of  keyword product domain names will expedite China's multi-faceted "One Belt One Road" initiative.

If the power brokers in U.S. domain name sales continue to dismiss secure DNSSEC dot co domain names, like the e-commerce revolution and the "One Belt One Road" Initiative, it could make high value dot co domain names impossible to ever own.

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